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In the case that construction workers from more than one company are employed, as the owner of the construction, you are obliged to appoint a health and safety protection coordinator (SiGeKo).

As SiGeKo, we take over our duties during the planning and on-site construction. We set all the necessary protection measures for a guaranteed on-site safety and then we coordinate the work and ensure the compliance of the staff of each contractor according to the building site regulations.

During the planning stage, we undertake the following tasks for you:

  • Production of the advance notification as required
  • Inspection, analysis and coordination of the plans to determine on-site safety
  • Reassurance of the industrial safety regulations
  • Recognition of health and safety risks
  • Formulation and integration of the building site regulations
  • Preparation and production of the health and safety regulations document for the specific facilities usage.

During the execution stage, we offer the following services to you:

  • Constant inspection of the construction works to ensure that safety regulations are applied.
  • Coordination of the staff and work groups regarding the onsite health and safety measures.
  • Briefing and instructions of the contractors and subcontractors for every possible health and safety risk before and during the execution of the project.

The owners of the construction are responsible for the health and safety of every worker on the construction site. We support you ensuring the accurate execution of your obligations by producing and applying the health and safety protection plan, according to the BaustellV.